Chinese – Wu Mei de Dian (Chia-Yi)

One weekend we went back down south to deal with some family matters, and that only means one thing: lots of fooding. I always overeat when we’re down there because the relatives all love to treat one other to food all the time. This was after I started my diet, too. I love how relatives can comment on how much fatter you’ve become while continuing to feed you. Hah. Anyway, enough ragging on the relatives.

One restaurant we went to was called Wu Mei de Dian, or directly translated, Fifth Sister’s Store (or is it Five Sisters’ Store …. eh, I suck at translating). It had set menus Taiwan-style, like hot pots, kung pao chicken, kimchi chicken, etc. that came with the main dish, rice, side dish, dessert, and coffee/tea/juice. Does that sound like a lot of food? Because it is a lot of food. Especially the hot pot. I love hot pot! Even though the soup is super fattening, but I love hot pot! It is particularly good when the weather is freezing cold. And although the weather was not freezing cold when we went to eat, I still ordered hot pot because, again, I love hot pot!

The restaurant was not only a restaurant, but also had a floor where they sold clothes and cute little things like figurines, reusable shopping bags, etc. The decor was very nice, too. It had a in-the-mountains, cottage-y, home-y feel to it. And on the day we went the weather was great, very sunny and quite warm. It’s a really nice place (I need to find another word to replace nice …), although the atmosphere is kinda rushed and loud since the waiters are busy running around and customers all talk very loudly. Ah well, can’t have everything.

The restaurant looked like a little cottage that you would not find in Chia-Yi. Heh. But on the inside it was quite big and spacious. Nice atmosphere.

Purty flowers.

Lots of flowers on the outside.

They sold cute little things in the restaurant as well. The decoration was very nice.

Pretty tea cups with not so great tea. I think it had Chinese medicine in there, which I dislike.

Sister's Thai lemon fish, which was not what we expected at all. When we hear Thai lemon fish, we do not expect tomato based sauce. In and of itself, it was pretty tasty. Just unexpected.

Sour cabbage with pork hot pot. It was ok, the soup base is supposed to be what makes it good or bad. And this one was unimpressive. More like a regular hotpot. /Disappointed.

Curry hot pot.


Birdie is staring at you disapprovingly.