Taipei Nightlife – MOD

I have a friend who loves whiskey. And apparently another one who loves whiskey as well. Anyway, so first whiskey loving friend suggests MOD as a place to chill because of the wide selection of whiskey, the laid back, low key atmosphere, and great music. I say that it was a great recommendation, especially for the other friend who loves whiskey. I didn’t take a shot of the whiskey that my friend ordered because I forgot, but apparently it was great. They do serve other alcoholic beverages if whiskey is not to your liking. However, their selection of whiskey is very wide. Anyway, it’s just a pretty great place to chill. Definitely don’t mind going back there again.

Less words, more pictures.

Fried rice. Surprisingly tasty. Generally bar food is ok, if not bad, but this was good! Nom nom nom~

Zha jiang mien ... Asian noodles with meat sauce. I remember it being on the salty side, but again, not bad.

Egg that comes with the noodles.

Fried fish. I assume it's fish as the friend who ordered it does not eat meat. Hmmm, but I can't remember how it tasted. Ah, the memory fails.

Mojito~ The sister does love her mojitos.

I cannot remember what this drink was any longer. Looks citrus-y. Heh.

Hot toddy! My first introduction to this drink, and it was pretty great. Friend ordered it first, and after trying it, I had to order one myself too. Perfect for a cold day.

Martini! Man, who knew drinks with olive juice could be so good. I loooooove olives, though. So that could have something to to with it.