French – Rue 216

I believe I have blogged about Rue 216 before, but I am too lazy to look through my past posts. Before we went there once for dinner and that experience left much to be desired. The food was ordered a la carte (pricey!) and the service was really slow. Then we went there for their brunch, which was a much better experience. Then, the other day, we wanted to go eat California Rolls after GRE class, but when we got to the restaurant, we found it was closed on Sundays (sad, but we did go back a different time. Will have entry later). So, the dad suggested Rue 216, and we decided to give it another chance. Or rather, I did, since the sister and dad had not gone during that first night time experience. Boy, am I glad I gave it a second chance. Service was still on the slow side, but not excruciatingly slow, and although they don’t have set menus, their main dishes actually come with sides now! Last time I was there, the main dish was just that; no extra sides or veggies or anything, just a slab of meat! And so, this was an overall much better experience. The price is also not too bad now, about 300 to 600 depending on what you ordered. We also ordered a bottle of white, which was quite good. I like sweet whites. 🙂 So, I can say this was a great meal, and I can’t wait to go back for the birthday dinner!

Salads - Nicoise (or was it Lyonnais, left), grilled vegetables (upper right), mixed green (lower right).
Funny story about the salads. We actually only ordered one, and that was the mixed greens. Salad is salad, especially when there's no extra additions, so not much to say there. But while waiting for our salad, the waiter brings up the Nicoise (or Lionnais), which has an egg on top. We were all like, whoa! this mixed green salad is awesome! Has bacon too! Then the waiter comes back and says, oops, sorry, different table. Then he comes back with the mixed vegetables, and this time we were certain it was not ours as it looks nothing like a salad. And sure enough, the waiter comes back and says oops, not yours either. We were wondering if they were trying to make us regret just ordering a mixed green salad. Heh. But the others definitely looked fantastic.

Main dishes - Cassoulet w/ Duck Breast (upper left), Grilled Pork Tenderloin (upper right), Basque Chicken
I got the pork, and it was delicious. The pork was just right, not too tough, juicy, and just all around good. They definitely don't skimp on the portions either. So full after that plate. The dad's duck was fantastic as well. I'm generally not a fan of beans, but I definitely want to order that dish the next time I go. Under all that bean is the duck meat, but on top there's a crispy layer of skin that you're supposed to eat along with the meat. Perfect combination. So crispy! The sister's chicken I actually don't have much memory of, but she liked it! So that's a good sign. 😛