Been consistently yoga-ing for about two and a half months now. Currently posting from the studio and coincidentally just bumped into the friend who introduced and got us hooked on yoga. Unexpected, as I haven’t seen her here in ages.

Anyway, I did a semester/quarter of yoga classes back at UCLA and KUL, but never enjoyed it as much as I do today. Maybe it’s the getting old and mellower that’s made me learn to appreciate yoga more … Nah. Back in UCLA, I always ended class with wrist pains as the teacher didn’t really teach us proper positioning. That made me lose interest fast. Having sprained my wrist in tennis before, I didn’t want to further mess up the wrists. Then at KUL, the teacher was too easy plus he only spoke Dutch, which made it way too difficult to enjoy. So, third time’s the charm, right? I’m glad we decided to give it a go this time as yoga has become the thing I look forward to during the week. It’s not only because it helps me relax (although the classes are anything but relaxing), but I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I do a position correctly or well. It’s a good feeling, and considering how I’m stuck at work in a cubicle sitting on my ass, the exercise and movement of yoga is definitely welcome.

Hopefully yoga will help me live a healthier life! Next thing I need to do is start watching what I eat. Oh my God that’s going to be next to impossible. Foooood~~~