It’s Summer!

Although I’m not certain I like summer that much anymore. The only good thing about summer is going to the beach, but that hasn’t worked out so well this year. Other than that, there’s just heat, humidity, and rain. Ugh Taipei summers are no fun. For example, last week, we had pouring rain, which we had to slog through in order to get to work. But then one hour later, the government declares no class/no work. As soon as that was declared, the rain pretty much let up. Hah, the universe likes playing jokes on us. But hey, no complaints about a day off.

Then, these last two days, the weather forecast kept saying a tropical storm was coming and that the winds and rainfall would be big enough that work/class would most likely be canceled. Alas, it was not meant to be. I believe the storm was pretty big down south, but Taipei barely felt anything. There was rain, sure, but nowhere near as big as last week’s storm. So, we all had our hopes dashed for work/class cancellations. So much sadness. Sigh.

But anyway, I really want to go to the beach. But with the weather like this, when will it be ok to go?! Kenting/Green Island is not happening this summer again because our schedules are not working out for taking a day off at the same time. Might just have to look for a beach closer. Woe. BEACH!!! I MISS YOU!!!