Skyping while watching European Grand Prix

So, I’m not super knowledgeable in the area of Formula 1. I kinda just like watching it because fast cars, hot guys … what more do you need? xD Plus the races have been pretty exciting to watch and Valencia was no different. I was watching while skyping with friends from Belgium. Well, two of them are still there, the third is back home in Ecuador, but we always try to skype at least once a month. It’s a great way to keep in touch and to catch up, see how everyone’s doing. For some reason, our skype dates always land on race day, and because of time difference, skype convos tend to start at the same time as the races when they’re in Europe. One can imagine how difficult it is to not make cheering or groaning sounds or screaming at the TV while watching the race. Especially last night. Actually, it was just very confusing because I was watching with the commentary off, so when Vettel and then Grosjean suddenlyl slowed/stopped, I was like what the eff? What’s going on?! And my confusion made me pause momentarily in what I was saying to the girls, and they were like, “Lisa? Are you there?!” Oopsies. I am apparently terrible at multi-tasking. 🙂

Anyway, exciting race, somewhat satisfied with the results (Kimi P2, yay!), and looking forward to GB Grand Prix. Two weeks is too long. Boo!