A Cut Steakhouse – Part Deux

I think a tradition has been set in my family. Whenever we’re celebrating something, whether it’s a birthday, mother’s day, father’s day or promotion, we go the steak route. Why? Because we love steak! or I love steak! and the rest of the fam just humor me. Oh steak, why are you so fantastic. Anyway, the dad got a promotion, so to celebrate, we went out for a steak lunch. At first we wanted to go to Robin’s Grill because we hadn’t gone there before, and it’s supposed to be one of the good ones in Taipei. However, we decided to late, and there were no more reservations available. So we went to our current favorite place, A Cut Steakhouse at Grand Ambassador Hotel, which I posted about before here. Nom nom nom. I was a happy camper after the meal. The steak was just as good as I remembered it. No disappointment the second time around! Although the desserts tend to be on the sweet side, but I guess there are many people out there who love their sweets. Ah, it was a good meal. LOVE IT.

Bread and wine. The wine was a full-bodied Californian wine. I wish I were a wine connoisseur who can describe why some wines are better than others, but I just know when something tastes good, and this wine was pretty damn good. It went well with the steak, and really, that’s all that is important. I’m enjoying wine more and more. Yum!

Appetizer – french onion soup, smoked salmon, and tomato soup. I love tomato soup, especially the creamy, made from real tomatoes, tomato soup. This tomato soup had the tangy-ness of the tomatoes along with the sweetness. It definitely hit the spot since I haven’t had good western tomato soup in so long (oh Belgium, how I miss thee). The sister’s french onion soup I had a sip of and was not a fan. Definitely on the sweet side. My mom got the smoked salmon, and that was delicious. It wasn’t overly smoked, and it had a chewiness to it. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

The last appetizer was my dad’s mixed salad. It was a salad, and I only had a piece of artichoke (yum!), so I can’t say much about it. Then there’s the salt selection which I didn’t use because original flavored steak is the best! The first of the main course was my dad’s chicken with honey mustard sauce. The one bite with the sauce that I had was pretty tasty, and my dad quite enjoyed it. This one was definitely the biggest dish of the four, but I guess chicken is cheaper than say wagyu steak.

Steaks! Although I am very sad because my steak is not pictured here. While editing photos on the iPhone, I accidentally deleted my steak photo. SO SAD because that was the one I loved the most. Of course, there is a reason why it is the most expensive of all the ones we ordered … there was foie gras on top with a cut of wagyu beef on the bottom. Ohmygod, to die for. The foie gras pretty much melted in my mouth and the steak was cooked just so. So juicy *schlurp* THE best steak ever. The mom got the surf and turf and the sister got the New York steak. Yes, all our steaks came from the US. Might as well enjoy life while you’re living, right?! Anyway, A Cut is still my favorite steakhouse for a reason … because it’s fantastic!

They had three options for dessert – souffle, pistachio creme brulee, and chocolate cake. The souffle was probably the lightest of the bunch, not overly sweet and fluffy! So it was enjoyable. The creme brulee, although pistachio in flavor, was also quite good. Although by the time I got to eating this I had just eaten a mouthful of super sweet chocolate, so my palate might have been a bit messed up. The sorbets were both good, though. Strawberry with the souffle and raspberry with the creme brulee. Definitely good for offsetting the sweetness.

The way too sweet chocolate cake. It was basically just a big piece of chocolate, but if it had been made from bitter dark chocolate, then it wouldn’t have been as sweet. The lemon sorbet definitely helped, but this was my least favorite of the three. Good thing we had coffee to help with the sweetness.