A Photo a Day – Lunch

Day 8: Lunch. This is possibly the perfect-est subject ever since food is my favorite photo-taking subject. And today’s even better because we had a family gathering (continuation from yesterday), and as usual, (lots of) food was involved. The relatives wanted to congratulate my dad on his promotion, so we went to this seafood place called Mao Yuan where we had two tables – one for the adults, the other for the children. Although one of the “children” already has a baby daughter, and all of us are over 25, we’ll forever be considered the children. Anyway, I know this is supposed to be A photo a day, but there’s no way one photo can fit all that we ate for lunch. Afterwards, we were all bursting at the seams. SO MUCH FOOD.


First was the shrimp salad. At first we thought it was lobster, but nope, shrimp and some pork liver. The shrimp was good, but am not a fan of pork liver, so I did not give that a try. Second, sausages and chicken. Nom!


Third, shark-fin soup without the shark fin, I think. Not sure how to go about translating 庚 into English. Let’s just say it has a thicker texture than normal Chinese soup but it’s not due to it being milky like in Western soup. Fourth, the shrimp heads from the first dish got fried, and this was quite yum. Crunchy and flavorful, kind of tastes like salty friend chicken (鹹酥雞).


Fifth, pork intestines and and pork feet in veggies. When my cousin saw this he got so excited. And he had to order a bowl of rice (his appetite is insane) to go with it. This was probably one of the best dishes, though. The intestines was infused with soy sauce flavor, and the pork feet was cooked enough that it was soft and chewy. Sixth, crab with stir fried vermicelli. The vermicelli was stir fried with pumpkin, and that was pretty good. But the crab was so-so. Succulent is normally how great-tasting crabs are described, but in this case, I would just say dry. I miss blue crabs from the Chesapeake!


Seventh, baked (I think) cod. The outside was crunchy and the inside soft. Great combination. Eight, fried squid balls and soft shell crabs. Again, crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. I love this combination. And I love soft shelled crabs! Nom nom nom.


Ninth, shark-fin stir fried … stuff. I was so full at this point that I didn’t eat any. Not sure what’s in there aside from the shark fin, carrots, and mushrooms. The dad said it was great, so will just take his word for it. Tenth, pork soup. This soup was fantastic and really hit the spot. The restaurant was freezing, at least the area I was sitting in, so a nice steaming bowl of soup was just perfect. Everyone kept drinking the broth and not eating the pork, so by the end, it was mostly pork pieces left. Yum! Eleventh, dessert! buns with egg yolk flakes (oh my God, I have no idea how to translate 蛋黃酥) … it’s egg yolk, but sweet … It’s delicious! Last but not least (and not pictured), fruit platter. That was barely touched because by this time, everyone was on the verge of dying from overeating.

Good food, great company (as long as we cousins get to sit together and don’t have to sit with the adults), great lunch! Good thing we don’t eat like this everyday or I’d be fatter than I already am (O’;’O).