A Photo a Day – Animal/Insect/Pet

Day 19: Animal/Insect/Pet. I wish I could take a photo of a pet, but we are currently not allowed to have one, mostly because the mom thinks that all the taking care of the pet would fall on her since the rest of us all work. But STILL. Also, I am allergic to cats and dogs, so that makes having a pet hard too. Sad. Anyway, so here’s a photo of bunnies that were in a cage behind a restaurant we were eating at. I know what y’all are thinking … are they for food?! I don’t think so, though, because they’re too small and meatless. But it was still sad because the weather was so hot and they were just stuck in a cage with barely any water. Poor bunnies, but so cute! Look at the big black eyes staring at you … awwww.