Bye Bye Visitors!

They spelled out Taiwan! xD

So it ends. I have to admit, it was pretty sad saying the goodbyes. Honestly, the chances of seeing these guys again are pretty slim. And although it was a pretty stressful two weeks trying to deal with things going wrong and worry about things going wrong, it was still fun to meet them, watch them interact, and even spend half a day at Tamshui with them. Doesn’t hurt that they are a really nice, outgoing, and funny bunch! In life we get to meet all sorts of people, even if only for a short time, and we still get to learn a lot.

So many times we work hard and get very little in return. Yet with this bunch, they were so very enthusiastic and grateful! All their thank yous just made me want to make their trip here even better. Although I complain about my job a lot, these encounters are what makes the job worth it. Wish all our guests could be like them. Then i just might complain a little less. Heh. Thanks guys, for being such awesome visitors!