Wonderful Weekend Weather

I know, I still need to do today’s a photo a day, but it’s hard and I’m not sure what to do for it. But, it’s been a beauuuutiful weekend, weather-wise, so I took some photos!


Saturday, we went to visit the parent’s new place. the above photo is the view from their balcony. For some reason the skies were super clear, no haziness, no pollution, just blue blue blue. Absolutely gorgeous~


Luckily there’s an MRT station nearby the parents’ place. Again, blue skies and the mountains are clear! So nice. The empty lot used to be Shilin Night Market, but that’s moved to a new location. Somewhere …. that I have no idea how to get to. Maybe that’s for the better.


Sunday, finally got the chance to go bike riding. First time this year! And boy did it feel good. I think all the yoga has helped in building up my stamina too. Didn’t get as tired as I used to, especially after not having done any biking for nearly a year!


Skies weren’t as blue as yesterday, but the cloud patterns were very nice. And there was still sun. Super tanned, yet again. Yay!