Chinese Food – Kiki

Time for a food entry! Yes, I have been eating (duh), but surprisingly enough, I haven’t been taken that many photos. Well, not so surprising since we haven’t really explored new places recently. One new place we went to, though, is Kiki! Ok, not that new because we went before, but that was a couple of years ago, so I don’t remember much from back then. This one restaurant is supposedly opened by a celebrity in Taiwan, but I’m not certain who. I could probably walk by a bajillion Taiwanese celebrities and not know who they are, though. Yah ….

Anyway, the food at Kiki’s is pretty good, kind of similar to Fifi. Some of it is pretty spicy, but since we got small spicy, it was manageable. Price-wise also similar to Fifi. I think people prefer this restaurant because it’s not as salty or heavy in taste. I think they both have great food, but there’s more of an atmosphere in Fifi with its decor.


First dish, bitter melon stir fried in salty eggs. This is one of my favorite dishes in Chinese food. There’s just something about salty eggs and bitter melon together that makes it so good, especially with rice! Yum. Second dish, bean curd with pork slices. Another usual dish, but very tasty.


Third dish, tofu. This one was probably the best dish out of all of them. The tofu was so soft that it just melted in your mouth. Yum! Fourth dish, hard to tell what it is, I know. It’s fried chicken with a lot of peppers. The dish was so red that in conjunction with the lighting, everything just blurred together. You’ll just have to take my word that it’s fried chicken. Also very good, crunchy and full of flavor. Also, it’s not as spicy as you’d expect with all those peppers, thankfully.


Last dish, string beans with ground pork. Cannot go wrong with this dish! Unless the string beans are too mushy, but not so in this case.

So, five dishes for three girls and we finished it all. That goes to show either we’re pigs or the food is very good. I’ll go with the latter. 🙂