Somewhere~ Over the Rainbow~

Went for another bike ride yesterday. According to RunKeeper, it says it was a 60 km ride, but I doubt that’s accurate. I think I need to turn off the automatic pause function and just pause manually because I believe that’s what’s making the numbers weird. Anyway, it was super hot with bright sun and blue skies. But that made picture taking that much easier to do. I love natural light!


We rode to Bi Tan on a new route that opened up recently. Although probably not very recently since the last time I rode this route was like a year ago. But! It was very nice, didn’t have to cross over to Taipei City in order to get there. I love how there are so many bike paths along the river that go for kilometers and kilometers. I really want to do a ride to Tamshui some day. But maybe when it’s not so hot. I think I nearly got a heat stroke yesterday.



And then! On the way back, there was a rainbow! So pretty~~ I have no idea why there was a rainbow because it hadn’t been raining. I guess that just shows how humid it is in Taipei? So much moisture in the air. And as usual, the clouds were awesome. I love blue skies and cloud formations. Ah, it was a good ride!