Concert – Xiao Huang Qi

Last Friday, thanks to the dad, we once again got free tickets to a concert. Generally I don’t really listen to Chinese/ Taiwanese music as I prefer English, but this singer I had actually heard of thanks to my cousin who is a fan. He’s a blind singer but immensely talented. I love his voice! And even if I don’t really understand the lyrics (since some of the songs are in Taiwanese), but there is so much emotion in his voice that I can still feel touched. There were a number of times during the concert that I got tears in my eyes, especially when he was dedicating and expressing gratitude to his mother. The ojisan sitting next to my sister was also crying at certain points. The singer is just that good.




As with a lot of Taiwanese concerts, there is always a special guest, but I still have no idea who he is. All I know is that he’s from Hong Kong. I don’t pay enough attention to Taiwanese/Asian popular culture. Anyway, I hope we will have more chances to attend other concerts!