Day 7: 8 O’Clock

This morning at 8, I was on my way to work via the bus. It’s the same every morning. Outta the house before 7:30, get on squishy bus, transfer onto another squishy bus, walk through the hospital, arrive at the office! And then a Starbucks run. Yah, decreasing caffeine intake is way difficult. Anyway, this watch is one that I’ve had since we lived in Geneva, so that’s about 13 years. It’s gone through one band change, from leather to metal, but it’s still as reliable as ever. Yay Swatch! Unfortunately it is kind of scratched up, but not too bad. I have two other Swatches at home, all bought at different times. One’s black and manly, while the other is silver and feminine. Swatches for all occasions!