Mother’s Day ~ la Festa

I came onto the blog to post about my trip to Okinawa a couple of weeks ago, but then I realized I had uploaded photos to our Mother’s Day feast, but never wrote about it! So … Okinawa is postponed, and here goes Mother’s Day Lunch.

Originally, the mom wanted to go to a Chinese restaurant near NTU Alumni Center (not its official name, I’m just too lazy to look it up), but they were only accepting reservations for 10 people or more on Mother’s Day weekend. So! We thought steak would be a good alternative (steak is always a good alternative) and considered No. 168 Prime Steakhouse where I had my birthday dinner three birthdays ago (wow time flies). Then I remembered reading about La Festa, an Italian restaurant located in the same Victoria Hotel as No. 168, that had one Michelin Star. The dad said it was up to us to choose the location and he would foot the bill, so … we made reservations.

It is definitely on the pricey side, but as we went during lunch, the prices weren’t insane. There were a lot of people, so it’s a good thing we made reservations. Overall, I very much enjoyed our meal there.


The painting on the ceiling.


When we first arrived, the place wasn’t filled yet. The atmosphere was very nice, though. The staff were professional and the service was fantastic.


Menu! It was all sets where you got to pick the appetizer, soup/salad, main dish, dessert, and coffee/tea. They had a variety of steaks, pastas, and seafood.


Their wine menu was on an iPad. I know lots of restaurants have started using iPads for menus, but this is the first time I’ve seen it used in Taiwan, so that was refreshing (and awesome!).


The wine we ended up choosing. I have now forgotten why we chose it, but most likely because it was one of the cheaper ones and not too dry.


They had an assortment of breads, which you could ask for more. There was one with potatoes, another made with squid ink, a third with sesame seed, and lastly but not least, bread sticks. I love bread sticks! But, fearing that I would not have enough space for my later dishes, we did not order more bread sticks.


Olive oil & balsamic vinegar and pureed olives for the bread.


This is the bread made with squid ink, hence the black parts.


Best appetizer ever ~ buried under all that greenery is seared scallop. I love scallop. Scallops are probably one of my most favoritest foods ever, and this did not disappoint.


Smoked salmon appetizer.


Raw oyster (ick) for the dad.


Salad with crab meat.


Broccoli-creamed soup.




For the main dish, the dad ordered lamb.



Steaks! Ordered by the mom and sister. They were both juicy and cooked to perfect tenderness. Actually, both my dish (the lobster) and one of the steak dishes took a while to come out because apparently they were both overcooked, so the chef had to re-make them. Goes to show how much effort is put into each dish.


Lobster!!! Another favoritest food? Lobster. I saw lobster on the menu, so I chose lobster (over steak!) … No regret. Om nom nom nom /drools


Dessert time! Pudding and chocolate rice crispy and marsala wine ice cream.


Chocolate role and mango ice cream.


Ice cream with espresso shot.


Of course, you can’t forget the coffee.

Given the opportunity (and financial support), I would definitely go back. It was pretty fantastic.