Kenting – Day Two

The day before while we were waiting for the taxi at the HSR station, one of the workers there told us that it would probably rain the next day, so I woke up expecting there to be rain. Luckily, it was overcast, but no rain! How fortunate were we? Extremely.

So, we woke up bright and early with one of us deciding to brave the wind and attempt yoga in the front of the B&B. I’m surprised she managed to stay upright as the wind was still going quite strongly. The rest of us, except for one who continued to sleep, decided to go for breakfast.


The room came with breakfast, which we ate at the cafe. It was quite yummy, and they had all you can drink drinks (OJ, hot & cold coffee, iced tea, etc.). Nom nom nom. It was nice sitting in the cafe, watching the waves while eating breakfast. Nice and peaceful.


Check out wasn’t for another hour, so we took the opportunity to head down to the little beach area in front of the B&B. It wasn’t really a beach since it had a lot of rocks and reef-y areas. If the weather had been better, we could explore the little pools, but although the waves were much calmer that morning, I was still worried about typhoon-affected waves suddenly coming in.

We also took advantage of the wait for the taxi to take us to our next location by taking lots of silly photos in front of the B&B. The white buildings and green lawn area are really good for taking people pictures.


For lunch we went to Smokey Joe’s BBQ. It was alriiiiight. We met up with the rest of the group at the restaurant and decided to try our luck at different beaches close by after lunch. Alas, when we went, the beaches were still closed with coast guards standing around making sure no one went on the beaches. So, we went to our next B&B to drop our stuff off. While there, we had an interesting time trying to figure out some monetary issues. Doesn’t help that most of us are not any good with numbers. We had English teachers, university administrators, people in sales, students, but only one engineer who was good with numbers. We never figured it out, but we did resolve the issue, so we decided to give beaches another try.


The first beach we went to was Baishawan, which is one of the nicer beaches in Kenting that I’ve been to. Alas, it was still roped off and closed to the public. After a brief respite with some coconut water, we decided to go to a beach we had seen on our way to Baishawan that we knew was open for sure.


Even though the beach itself was open, the waters were still technically closed except for surfers as they had boards to hang on to. Of course, people don’t really listen, so there were plenty of people playing in the waters. So these guys (lifeguards? Coast guards?) walked back and forth warning people of the dangerous water (did not do any good). I was good, only dipped my feet in water.


Some decided to play beach volleyball, others laid on the sand, and others did yoga near the water. It was good times, and we were all happy that we got to go to the beach at least once this trip.

After darkness fell, we all went back to the B&B to wash up and get ready for dinner on the main street in Kenting. Because parking would be difficult in that area, we rented electric scooters and went on our way. We had Thai/Burmese food, which was pretty good, and then proceeded to check out the night market along the street. It started raining half way, but luckily it didn’t last very long. Since we had a three-hour limit to our electric scooter rental, we soon found ourselves heading back to the B&B and chilling in the rooms.

Our second day at Kenting ended with lots of laughter. Haven’t laughed so much in a long while.