A Study of Beignets

Beignets and cafe au lait. Seriously, a great combination.

Our (the sister was with me) first taste was at Cafe Beignet in the French Quarter. We randomly walked by it and decided to give it a go as it was lunch time. We also ordered a Southern Breakfast, but that is not the topic of discussion today.


The first impression was pretty good, but both my sister and I got a bit tired of chewing because each beignet was pretty thick and a bit on the dry side.


A couple days later, we woke up early (thank you, jet lag!) and went to the famous Cafe du Monde also in the French Quarter. This was the one we wanted to go to instead of Cafe Beignet but because on that day, I did not have a cell phone yet and hadn’t done proper research online to figure out where it was, we just wandered around aimlessly and accidentally stumbled across Cafe Beignet. The second time, I had my trusty Google Maps to show me the way, and we found it pretty easily. Apparently we had wandered close to it the first time, but just not far enough.

Anyway, the beignet at Cafe du Monde was hands down the best beignet I’ve ever had. Granted, my experience with beignets is very limited. BUT, compared to the ones from Cafe Beignet and also the ones we had in Taiwan before, the Cafe du Monde ones are THE best. Originally we had only ordered one plate (3 beignets) to share, but after we each had one, we decided to order another plate. They were fried perfectly, not too hard to chew and not too thick. The outsides were crunchy while the insides were soft and moist. I have no idea how they fry it, but it’s amazing. I most likely could have eaten another plate (oink oink oink).

Because it’s so famous/popular, getting a table there is sometimes requires waiting in quite a long line. Luckily we went early enough that there was no line yet and we could just grab a table as people left. Cafe du Monde is definitely one of the places to visit when in New Orleans; I will definitely be taking all my visitors there for a try. Nom nom nom!