A Brief Recap

Sunset in NOLA

It’s been three months since I landed in New Orleans. Wait, what? It’s only been 3 months?! Definitely feels much longer. Time seems to be flying, but when you really consider it, not that much time has passed. Although the fact that the first semester is nearly over and finals/presentations are around the corner makes me realize, yup, time is definitely flying.

Lots has happened in these last three months. Maybe that’s why it feels like it’s been a long time. Academically, I’ve been taking it slow this semester since I need to readjust into the studying life, which I’m finding is getting more and more difficult. I guess after years of not having to memorize things and stress about exams, one does lose the ability to focus for a long period of time. Like right now. Instead of studying for epi exam on Tuesday, I’m blogging. When do I blog? When I want to procrastinate. WEEEEEEE. Procrastination FTW! But yes, next semester I will probably die from school. Not sure I’m looking forward to it.


So, let’s see. Recently I’ve been discovering the night life of NOLA more. Dancing, listening to live music at Frenchmen St., dancing in the French Quarter, drinking hand grenades (so good, but kind of deadly), late night beignet and cafe au lait, and just chilling with friends. Making up for all those previous months where wandering out at night seemed too daunting, I guess. Good times! But I do agree with everyone who’s told me this … Frenchmen St. is just better than the French Quarter (particularly Bourbon St.), and the amount of live music one can immerse in in this city is just fantastic. And it’s not just jazz. There’s definitely a wide range of music being played here. Just this weekend, at The Maison, a band was playing Russian music. Not something I’d ever expect to hear … anywhere, really, except maybe Russia.


What else. I’ve been out of Louisiana already. Passed through Mississippi, ate lunch in Florida, and spent a fantastic weekend by the beach Β in Alabama, all in the span of 4 days. Did the swamp tour, got to hold a baby alligator (SO CUTE, OMG), checked out a pretty gorgeous plantation, experienced an LGBT parade, experienced Halloween in NOLA, went to Fun’s concert (and got to see Hunter Hunted/Lady Danville), and met more people in these last three months than I did in the last three years I was in Taiwan. It’s crazy. I forget how much easier it is to meet people as a student than as a professional (is that what I was?).

Up next, Las Vegas for Thanksgiving for our high school reunion. SO excited.