An Experiment in Eating Healthy

When living alone, far away from my mom’s cooking, I eat really unhealthily. Cooking is not my forte, mostly because I am just super duper lazy. The worst part of cooking is cleaning … But anyway, I decided (after repeated mentions about my weight gain) to try to eat healthy. A friend told me about Hollygrove Market and Farm and how they deliver fresh veggie boxes straight to your door once a week. Me, being lazy and disliking going grocery shopping for fresh fruits and veggies, thought this would be a good idea. I figure I wouldn’t be able to finish everything in a week, so I signed up for bi-weekly boxes … although there was some issue with being able to leave the boxes at the front desk (they used to be able to do that, but new security guard is not allowing it), so I will have to continue this next semester when I don’t have class on Wednesday nights. Poo.

Anyway! So, there were lots of veggies and fruits in the box. I also ordered eggs this time around because I had run out. There were apples, satsumas, cucumber, arugula (!!!!), sweet peppers, green peppers, spicy peppers, spring onions, shitake mushrooms, salad turnips, lemons and I feel like I’m missing something but can’t remember it right now. And there was a hitchhiker – little caterpillar. Goes to show how fresh it all was. 😛


So for the next few days I cooked me some healthy(ish) food …


Poached egg (super fail … ) on a bed of arugula and ham on a bagel with a paprika and turnip side. The paprikas were super sweet! They were also my snacks in between meals. So nommers.



Salads were a daily staple for a while. The top one is with scrambled egg and bottom one is just the remnants of salad greens. For the salad dressing, made my own with olive oil, lemon and salt (thank you Nina for teaching me that in Belgium!).


I made two rice dishes – oh, because there was also brown jasmine rice in the box (I knew I forgot something!), but only took a photo of one. Everything, except the meat, was from the box. Pictured is pork, shitake mushroom, and turnip with rice. The other rice dish was more of a fried rice with ground beef, paprikas, turnips, and shitake mushroom (stir fried in sesame oil).

So it seems like I can eat healthy, although the cleaning of the veggies definitely takes quite a bit of time. I’ve still got the cucumber, spicy peppers, lemons, and apples left. Remaining lemons are just going into my water. Not sure what I’m going to do with the cucumbers. Or the peppers since I’m weak sauce when it comes to spicy food. And apples … well, apples are apples! Can’t go wrong!