Home Cooking – Curried Veggies

One of my resolutions this year is to try and cook more, not just in quantity, but also a more diverse selection of food. I was always cooking with the same ingredients before (green pepper, mushrooms, onion, and broccoli) and got pretty tired of them. So! This year I’m going to try to cook with a variety of ingredients.

… We’ll see how long this resolution lasts. My losing weight one has never really happened, except in 2012 when paying (a lot) for membership at a yoga studio somewhat guaranteed exercising on a (relatively) regular basis. Hopefully eating and cooking healthy will continue for a long time. I don’t dislike cooking as much as I dislike washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. So, I just need to stop being lazy (ha! easier said than done … I want a dish washing machine T^T).

Anyway, so the first cooked dish for 2014 (excluding the frozen dumplings and ramen I made when I had no groceries whatsoever after returning from D.C.) is curried vegetables. Technically, it’s supposed to be curried french lentils (recipe here), but after returning home from the grocery store, I realized I’d forgotten to buy lentils. Honestly, I don’t even know what lentils are. Ah well, time to adapt the recipe!


This was  the first time cooking and eating kale, which seems to be all the rage here nowadays. I got the red kind because it looks so pretty (yes, my choices are guided by how pretty something looks …)! I’m also not a big fan of vegetables (as friends and family can attest to), so I just bought two kinds of greens instead of four – kale and spinach (I don’t even like spinach). Bottom row are the sweet potatoes and cauliflower (two veggies that I do like!). Everything else I followed according to the recipe, although stupid me nearly forgot to add the curry powder. As I was stirring everything, I thought it was missing something. And then I saw the curry powder still sitting in the cabinet and a light bulb went off. Even with a recipe, I forget things. Ahhhhh, memory of mine, why do you suck so much.

Anyway, the end product …..


Ta da! It’s actually pretty tasty, if I may say so myself. Probably because it’s been boiled, I can barely taste the spinach (weeeee!) and still not entirely sure what kale tastes like. Eh, as long as everything together tastes good!

Through this experience, I learned that I really need to get a bigger pot. I had to ladle out half the soup and veggies in order to cook the kale and spinach. And then dump everything back in after the soup level had decreased and veggie size had shrank. It doubled the cooking time, but that’s what I get for skimping on important kitchen stuffs.

The recipe says it’s more of a stew, which is true. I shall make rice for dinner. Aside from a bigger pot, I’m also considering buying a rice cooker because the more I eat Uncle Ben’s boil-in-bag rice, the more I dislike it. I bought real rice, but for now will have to cook it over the stove top. To buy rice cooker or not to buy? That is the question!

On a side note, I am thankful for friends who drive/have car and are willing to drive me … otherwise I would never have been able to buy all the groceries I needed today (so heavy o.O). After returning from DC, I realized that my fridge was pretty  empty. Not to mention other daily necessities that I was running out of. Thank goodness I had some frozen dumplings and instant noodles left.  I really need to learn to drive ……. and somehow get a car ….. ah, one step at a time.