Seafood – Drago’s Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Been taking a break from cooking since school started. Busy and tired and just overall lazy. Plus I moved rooms, which took a bit of time to unpack everything and put things in order, so that wasn’t conducive to cooking. Also, I’ve run out of groceries. Must go grocery shopping! I did make fried rice the other day in order to utilize all the remaining veggies I had in the fridge. But, that is a story for another time. I’m here to talk about seafood!

A good friend has left us and is on her way back to the motherland after finishing her semester-long exchange program (although we all know she was really here for an extended vacation XD). For her farewell dinner, we went to Drago’s Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar. Aaaand, I ate all the dishes pictured below ……


Just kidding! I’m not that much of a pig … I think. Hehe. These are just some of the assorted dishes everyone ordered. From top left corner and going clockwise:

Charbroiled oysters, which I did not share in. I’m still not a fan of oysters, cooked or raw. Nyeh.

Shrimp ravioli. I originally wanted to order this dish as it was supposed to be crawfish ravioli, except crawfish isn’t in season currently so they replaced it with shrimp. When I heard that, I decided to get something else with shrimp. Big mistake. A friend sitting next to me decided to copy me and ordered that dish. I had one ravioli, and it was actually quite yummy. Should have just stuck with that dish! Ahhhhhhh ….

Mixed grilled plate. Steak, shrimp, and red fish. Such a small dish for such a big price. I got a bite of the steak, but it was too well done for me, since I like my steak still moo-ing, er, I mean medium rare.

Seafood gumbo. Most dishes came with a side of salad or half price soup. It was too cold for salad, so I decided on the seafood gumbo. It was pretty good, full of flavor. But I need to remember that these dishes tend to be too salty for me. My mother has trained me well, and I don’t like things that are too salty. Sigh.

Seafood pasta. Mine! So instead of the ravioli, I got the seafood angel hair pasta, which had shrimp and crab meat. I love crab. Did I mention I love crab? I love crab. The pasta was okay, kind of on the mushy side. The dish overall was so creamy and heavy that I barely finished half of it, even though I love crab. I ended up giving the rest to the poor friend who ordered the mixed grilled plate, which was obviously not enough to feed one dude. I should have ordered the ravioli!!!!!

Lobster Empire. I guess the other item, aside from the oysters, that Drago’s is known for is lobster. They had quite a few lobster dishes, and this was one of them. As described on their menu, the Lobster Empire is “a whole lobster stuffed with fresh sautéed oyster and mushrooms, in a delicate cream sauce over angel hair pasta.” Sounds yummy enough, but I forgot to ask the eater if it was any good.

Etouffe! Not much to say except etouffes are yummy! Although I’m not sure how this one tasted. Forgot to ask again. Oops.

And last but not least, Lobster Marco. Another lobster dish, “a whole lobster stuffed with fresh sautéed shrimp and mushrooms, in a delicate cream sauce over angel hair pasta.” Quite a few people ordered this and seemed to like it. Although the one friend who actually got her hands dirty and cracked open the claws said the meat tasted bitter. Must have been disappointing.

So all in all, a pricey meal that left some people wanting more. It filled me up, but creamy sauces tend to do that to me. The food was not bad, but the service definitely could use some improvement. Not sure I’ll go back again, but if I do, I’m definitely getting the ravioli!