Home Cooking – Thai Chicken Curry and Sweet Potato Fries

I’ve noticed that my procrastination method recently has been cooking. I’ve evolved! It used to be cleaning, but I guess now that I’ve moved into a two bedroom, I’ve gotten lazier. Either that or I cleaned everything when I first moved in, so things are still on the cleaner side. ANYWAY, moving on. I needed dinner, so I made my usual Thai chicken curry, and instead of doing my Epi homework, I made baked sweet potato fries. Yup. Procrastination, FTW!


So I bought the box of vegetables from Hollygrove Market, again, and this time it came with all these goodies. Carrots, pecans (no idea what I’m going to use these in), shitake mushrooms, collard greens, brown jasmine rice, sweet potatoes, blood oranges, satsumas, and cabbage. Oh, also a baggie of herbs, which I’m still uncertain what kind of herbs it is. The fun thing about getting this box is trying to figure out what I can make with all these ingredients. So, first up, Thai Chicken Curry.


When I was in Belgium, I rarely cooked. I mostly ate in our cafeteria or made sandwiches (they have really fantastic bread there, which I totally miss). But when I did cook, it was normally Thai chicken curry because it was so (fast) and easy. I bought the Thai curry powder packets and mixed it in with coconut milk, threw in some chicken and potatoes, et voila! Taste of Thailand that wasn’t exactly authentic, but still tasted good. Beggars can’t be choosers after all.

On a side note, I think Thai food is still one of my favorites. Maybe it’s because I grew up with Thai food, at least for the first six years of my life. And when we went back for a visit during my sophomore year (or was it junior year? … bad memory) in undergrad, it just made me fall in love with Thai food all over again. Finally found a fantastic Thai place in Taipei, but then it was time to leave for New Orleans. Here, I’ve tried one restaurant, which is not as authentic and is somewhat far from me (everything is far without a car here). So when I found Thai curry sauce and coconut milk at Rouses, I was pretty excited. They even have pad thai seasoning, but I haven’t tried that yet. Next time!

This time, I added in some of the cabbage and carrots. I know, cabbage in curry seems kind of weird, but I thought I’d give it a try because I have way too much cabbage. Success! It gave the curry a sweeter flavor, but not the sugar-y type of sweet. It’s quite yum. Also, even though I’m not a fan of cooked carrots, all the boiling essentially made the carrot curry flavored, so it’s okay. Put it over some long grain rice, and I could eat this dish for days. Although, after I told my mom I’d made Thai curry, she told me not to eat too much of it. So sad.


When I saw that the box had sweet potatoes, the first thing that popped to mind was baked sweet potato fries! Easy and hard to go wrong with, I think. I used the recipe from Instructables.com, and it turned out quite well. Some pieces were crunchier than others, so I’m thinking I should slice it thinner next time. But regardless, the sweet potato is so sweet that it didn’t matter if it was crunchy or soft. So yummy!!!

Yah! But now that I’ve finished cooking, it’s time to start that dreaded Epi homework. /Sad