Home Cookin’ – Banana Bread

Cooking is definitely the new procrastination. Study? What study?

Anyway, this semester I actually have morning classes three times a week (boooo), so that means no more sleeping until noon and not having to worry about breakfast. I’ve been either eating yogurt and granola or those Nature Valley granola bars (the dark chocolate ones are actually pretty good) since school started. But then I remembered this fantastic banana bread that my bff made back in Taiwan, and I started massively craving banana bread. So I begged her for her recipe, and she sent me this recipe on Food Network with some tweaks.

My bananas, unfortunately, were not very ripe. I probably should have waited, but then I realized I most likely wouldn’t have time during the week, and I am going out of town next weekend, so this was the best time to make it. I also left out the vanilla and instead used nutmeg. But I definitely added too much nutmeg, need to cut down on that next time. Added some chocolate chips (om nom nom nom … cannot go wrong with chocolate chips), mixed it all together, and popped it in the oven. I didn’t have those loaf pans, so I just made do with my baking sheet. It’s more like banana brownies than banana bread, I guess. 😛

Before oven ….

After oven!

During the baking, the entire apartment smelled wonderful. WONDERFUL. I love cinnamon. It came out pretty well, although I think it’s a little on the dry side. Must confer with bff to see how she made hers so moist. But anyway, I now have a lot of banana bread, so I shouldn’t have to worry about breakfast for some time. Weeee!

Anyone want some?