All About Me

I am, by no means, an adventurous person. With all the psychological personality tests I’ve taken, they’ve consistently said that I like routine. I like familiar things. Traveling and moving around entails none of that. But somehow that’s what I’ve been doing since I was a baby.

I was born in Taiwan (many, many years ago). Most of my childhood and adolescent moving-around was because of the dad’s job, so not much choice on my part. After high school, knowing I wouldn’t be able to survive in college in Taiwan, I went to study in the US. But then after college, I returned to Taiwan to work for a year. Then wanderlust struck. And amongst other reasons, I decided to go to Belgium to pursue my Masters. After the completion of my Masters, I moved back to Taiwan and stayed there for nearly 3 years. Now I begin the next stage of my life in New Orleans, Lousiana as a PhD student. Seriously, what is this incapability of settling down in one location?! Hopefully this will be one of my last big moves …. but only time will tell!

Despite my need to surround myself with familiar things, I’m entirely grateful to have been able to travel to many different places, seeing different cultures, and making friends I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

So the point of the blog is to chronicle my experiences (not in any sort of chronological order) of the different cities and countries I’ve lived in, visited, or will be visiting. But it’s mostly about my fooding experiences because omg nom nom nom I LOVE food.

I figured I should start writing down these things before I get older and even more forgetful than I currently am.

A side note as to why the blog is titled “poopism” … for some reason, back in high school, one of my friends started calling me poo and I called her pee. Together, we made poopee. Yah, I have no idea why. Anyway, my poo nickname stuck while her pee nickname did not … and now many of my high school friends call me poo or poop or poopy or poosa or lisapoo … there are many variations. So! That is the story behind poo!