An Experiment in Eating Healthy

When living alone, far away from my mom’s cooking, I eat really unhealthily. Cooking is not my forte, mostly because I am just super duper lazy. The worst part of cooking is cleaning… Continue reading

A Brief Recap

It’s been three months since I landed in New Orleans. Wait, what? It’s only been 3 months?! Definitely feels much longer. Time seems to be flying, but when you really consider it, not… Continue reading

A Study of Beignets

Beignets and cafe au lait. Seriously, a great combination. Our (the sister was with me) first taste was at Cafe Beignet in the French Quarter. We randomly walked by it and decided to… Continue reading

New Orleans, New Beginning

Hellllloooo NOLA!

Kenting – Day Two

The day before while we were waiting for the taxi at the HSR station, one of the workers there told us that it would probably rain the next day, so I woke up… Continue reading

Kenting – Day One

A couple of days before our Kenting trip, it gets announced that a pretty strong typhoon was heading to Taiwan and would hit us during the days we were going to be lazying… Continue reading

Kenting 2013 – Jumping Fun

I think one of the funnest thing when there’s a big group of people is to take those jumping photos. Even better is when they’re made into animated GIFs ……. so! that’s what… Continue reading

Artsy Fartsy

Thought I’d take some photos of my doodling process …. All in all, I’d say it takes about five hours. 🙂  

Mother’s Day ~ la Festa

I came onto the blog to post about my trip to Okinawa a couple of weeks ago, but then I realized I had uploaded photos to our Mother’s Day feast, but never wrote… Continue reading