Three Countries in a Day!

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Three countries being Luxembourg, Germany, and Belgium. In reality, not really. *Sigh* So we decided to go to Luxembourg and stop by a little town in Germany to buy… Continue reading

Picture of the Day/Daily Beer – Chimay

Today was spent mostly at Leuven with the fantastic events that I described in the previous post. It was also raining, and I was annoyed enough that I didn’t feel like taking any… Continue reading

Picture of the Day/Daily Beer

Two in one! Because I’m too lazy to do two separate entries one after the other. And also a little update on day three here in Brussels. Life I think I’ve gotten more… Continue reading

Daily Beer – Rodenbach

Aside from being known for it’s chocolates and waffles, Belgium’s also known for it’s beer! I also dislike beer, well, the kinds that you can get at 7-11 in Taiwan (Heineken, Corona, etc.).… Continue reading

Picture of the Day (and more) – Brussels

The streets of Brussels, well, the area we’re currently staying in, looks like it’s right out of a BBC tv series. Quaint buildings with small cars parked in front of them and small… Continue reading

Greetings from Brussels!

I made it! Safe and sound I have arrived in this very green city. It’s so green! I haven’t seen this much green since …. well, since I visited my parents in Ottawa.… Continue reading

Picture of the Day – Mahjong

Favorite past time of my family – mahjong. Today was no exception, and I was pretty bored, so ….. I took pics. 🙂 Here’s one.

Picture of the Day – Fire Man

So ever since I got my new camera, I’ve been carrying it around with me and taking pictures of whatever I think is … cool. Mostly it’s been of my aunt’s dog, Nike,… Continue reading

Kenting, Kenting, Kenting!

Tired, sunburned, but overall a good time. I had fun and learned quite a bit of new things about old people. But I guess that’s what happens when you go out with high… Continue reading