Blue skies!!!

At Qing Shui Rest stop (清水休息站) … oh blue skies, how I’ve missed you. We went down to Chia-Yi this past weekend, needed to buy some stuff and get the hair done. Hair’s… Continue reading

The Weather Gods are Toying with Me ….

I wake up this morning and lo and behold! There’s SUN!!!! The sun came back out, and I was super happy after last night’s depressing rain. So I’m all ready to go out… Continue reading

A Little Bit O’Fun

This past weekend we went on a trip to Taichung. Visited the city on Saturday and met up with old friends. Ate lots, shopped, and just enjoyed the city (kinda). Went to Chungyo… Continue reading

Bon Appetit!

Three things to be noted: 1. I got my first real paycheck on Friday; real as in being paid for a full-time-(9-6)-with-benefits-and-no-jeans-allowed job. 2. My family (including the extended relatives) has this tradition… Continue reading

Xi-Men-Ting Weekend

The diet has ended. It actually ended on Friday night when we all gave up and went out to eat fried rice. Oh man, I have decided that I cannot live without rice.… Continue reading


The title lies … 😛 We went to a Japanese restaurant for my sister’s friend’s 25th birthday .. but there was no sushi involved. There were other kinds of good food – food… Continue reading

Hong Kong Trip

September 18, 2oo7 I’ve been to HK before with my parents, but that was when I was waaaaay young, so I don’t remember much except for the tiny hotel rooms and crowded-ness. So… Continue reading

Me, me, me.

I am, by no means, an adventurous person. With all the psychological personality tests I’ve taken, they’ve consistently said that I like routine. I like familiar things. Traveling and moving around entails none… Continue reading