Alan’s Perverted Musings > March Edition

It’s that time again! Time for Alan’s perverted musings …… xlisapoox: mooo [my way of saying hello] Alan: i’m feeling pervier than usual, so imagine me staring at your boobs through the screen… Continue reading

Bali > Fooding (Part II)

And to close out this series of Bali posts, more fooding! I didn’t take photos of the Mcd’s dinner we had on the third night when we were all too tired to find… Continue reading

Bali > Day 5 & Fooding (Part I)

Day five, we decided to enjoy the beach/pool until the very last possible minute, so we woke up, ate breakfast, and went to the beach and pool. And then it was time to… Continue reading

Bali > Day Four

After two days of intense sightseeing action over Bali, it was finally time to relax and enjoy all that the Intercontinental Hotel had to offer. So … The day started off with this… Continue reading

Bali > Day Three

Day three … A lesson in how quickly the weather can change in one day in Bali. So, after a day spent doing touristy things on day two, we decided to continue the… Continue reading

Bali > Day Two

I think the reason I couldn’t make myself write about the trip right after it happened is because it’s really hard to decide what pictures to use. I think I took like 600+… Continue reading

Bali ~ Day One

Back in December of last year, the dad’s mileage was about to expire, and he had lots of mileage due too all his flying around for work. So, we decided to take a… Continue reading

Alan’s Perverted Musings

Woo! This has been one heck of a long blog hiatus. Can’t really say life got in the way, but I guess I was all blogged out for a while. Now I shall… Continue reading

Alan’s Perverted Musings – August Edition

It’s time for the monthly edition of Alan’s perverted musings. Although this may have to take a hiatus as the chances for chatting with Alan online after this month are far less. Ah… Continue reading