Day 16: Food

As usual, my all-time favorite challenge because I love food! Went to Gordon Biersch last night and had fantastic food. Will do a GB entry another time, but this was our main dish… Continue reading

Day 14: Arrow

Very important arrows in my life currently, especially now that I’m hooked on Maplestory again. They’ve updated the game since I last played, which was about 2~3 years ago (whoa, feels only like… Continue reading

Day 13: Simple

The simple joys in life ~ watching the sunset. So beautiful!

Day 12: Spoon

Originally I wanted to use two of my stuffed toys to make it seem like they’re spooning. However, there was no way to place them that didn’t look very wrong, so I gave… Continue reading

Day 11: Purple

I think purple has become one of my favorite colors, whether is dark, light, or pastel … I love purple! Heh. Anyway, went to dinner with relatives tonight, and one of my cousins… Continue reading

Day 10: Ring

This is actually my mom’s wedding band. A couple months ago we went through her safety deposit box and found both my mom and dad’s wedding bands. However, they’re both unable to wear… Continue reading

Day 9: Messy

I love it when what’s going on in my life coincides with the challenge of the day. It makes life so much easier! Today’s challenge was waiting for me when I got home.… Continue reading

Nails – Blue, Purple & Black

Originally I had only planned on alternating the blue and purple. However, I was fixing the dad’s watch band not long after doing my nails, so some of them got scratches and dents… Continue reading

Day 8: Glasses

My black framed Playboy glasses. I used to wear contacts all the time, until I started working. Staring at a computer screen for 8+ hours a day is just too harsh on the… Continue reading