Cats on the Phone

The sister had my cousin in Japan bring back these cellphone accessories. They look like you have a tiny cat resting on your phone, and they’re all SO CUTE!! These are the two… Continue reading

EatSleepDraw • Hunter

via EatSleepDraw • Hunter Abstract/Illustrative interpretation of…. First impression on seeing this was “wow, nice patterns and design” … Upon second viewing, HOLY CRAP THAT’S AWESOME. Wow wow wow. Wish I could draw like… Continue reading

Day 7: 8 O’Clock

This morning at 8, I was on my way to work via the bus. It’s the same every morning. Outta the house before 7:30, get on squishy bus, transfer onto another squishy bus,… Continue reading

Concert – Xiao Huang Qi

Last Friday, thanks to the dad, we once again got free tickets to a concert. Generally I don’t really listen to Chinese/ Taiwanese music as I prefer English, but this singer I had… Continue reading

Simon’s Cat – Ready Steady Slow

I looooove Simon’s Cat! It’s just so cute, and in celebration of the Olympics, here’s his vid: Unrelated, but I just realized I completely forgot to post photo a day for this weekend.… Continue reading

Day 3: Coins

Coins, featuring the 50 NT, 10 NT, and 1 NT. jut missing the 5 NT, which I used up this morning. In the background is my cat coin purse (so cute!). I noticed… Continue reading

Eat Sleep Draw – Cat yoga

EatSleepDraw • Cat yoga Find the grace amid the ungracious ~ ….

Day 2: One

One. Such a specific yet general topic. So, I present one Domokun alongside one Lotus E20. Domo wants to be an F1 driver, but alas, he is too big and cannot fit. Much… Continue reading

Day 1: Outside

Outside is wet and windy. Typhoon’s in town, or it’s about to be. Don’t think it’s landed yet. Anyway, a good day to stay inside and do some arts and crafts. 🙂 I… Continue reading